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Ways to make cash as a student in a university

A university undergraduatek

Pocket money and allowance is never enough for any student in a university. You probably don't have enough to go about daily activities or you need more money to impress your friends.
You really don't have to pester your parent for pocket money every now and then. You can take the bull by the horn, engaging in money making activities.

1. Tutorial for Students
If you are the serious-minded student, always punctual to class and you know your academic onions well. You can take advantage of your academic skills. 

Students having a tutoria; Students having a tutoria;

You can be a home lesson teacher for primary or secondary school students or you can organize general or individual tutorials for students in lower levels or the ones in your level, and get cash in return. Plan your schedule well, so taking tutorials won't affect your academic period. 

2. Work for your university
Not all the workers in a university are academic staffs. You don't have the qualification to lecture students. The best you can do is tutor students. But there are lots of non-teaching jobs you could take up in a university environment. 

Student working as a librarian.  Student working as a librarian.

Lots of universities look for students who can do various jobs on university campuses. Check out newsletters and bulletins of your universities for openings 

3. Start a campus blog
You can start up a blog. Take advantage of your university environment, Students love to get updated news and juicy gists around university campuses. Why not leverage on the opportunity to create a blog for this purpose.

A female student on a computer.  A female student on a computer.

Gain massive traffic on your blog and advertisers will pay to feature on your blog or you can be paid to get campus events and gigs uploaded on your blog. 

2. Get creative
If you have a hobby for creativity, you can turn it into a business while in school. There are various creative things you can do, bead making, graphics designing, fashion designing, shirt making and the list is endless. You can make very beautiful work of arts and put up for sale. 

bead making is a good way of making money  bead making is a good way of making money

Create, and put on what you have created as a way of advertising your craft. Student with creative sense will definitely patronize you. 

3. Showcase your talent
If you have a talent probably you can host events or you can sing or model, you can start  hosting shows and events, singing at campus shows, modelling for campus brands. 

Undergraduate models.  Undergraduate models.

There are various campus shows and events you can anchor and you get paid for it. 

4. Buy and sell
You have no creative skill to make stuff but you can sell ice to an eskimo, you should really think about buying and selling.
Ladies buying at a store  Ladies buying at a store

Whenever you get a monthly allowance, why not save some to get few things you can sell to friends and students on campus. The more you sell, the more money you make which means you have made your allowance back with interest on it.

6. Organise gigs and parties
If you are one of the happening guy or girl  (popular) on campus and very sociable. You can organize shows, events and parties for the university community with the permission of the university authority.

University students at a party  University students at a party

To achieve this you need to have a certain amount of campus credibility and know what students love on campus. If you can't come up with the funds alone, look for like minds, try raising the funds and start planning for your event.
Make sure there is a gate fee because that's where you'll get your profit from.

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