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How to start planning for festive period to save money

The festive period is in less than three monthp

The year is gradually coming to an end, which means in less than three months, we would be in a festive mood. 

With Christmas and new year around the corner, people will be looking forward to celebrating it, with the buzz all around and the end of year shopping rush.
Though there is no particular period to start planning for the festive period, it is best to start planning early towards these festivities.
Here are five ways to start planning for the festive period.

1. Make a list
It is very important to know what you will be needing for the festive period. Try making a list of what you will be getting for that period. List of the festive meal, the types of gifts to give to family and friends and decorations. 

A christmas list  A christmas list

You don't want to go shopping without a list and buying things you might not find useful at the end of the day.  

2. Set up a budget
Without a list, you can't have a budget. Having an idea of what you'll be spending can then help you create a budget. 

Create a spending budget for the festive period.  Create a spending budget for the festive period.

Creating a budget also helps to spend within your range and prevents impulse buying.

3. Look for special deals and offers
Lots of shops and outlets always give out special deals and offer during festive periods. Go online, surf the web for nice deals or go into a random outlet, to check if they give special deals.

Look out for festive deals and offers Look out for festive deals and offers

Beware though,  don't jump at every deal you see and also don't buy things because there is an offer on it. Buy only what you need.

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4. Compare price and window shop
Window shopping and surf the web to weigh your best options on prices. You need to compare different prices of items. 

Window shop and compare price for best price Window shop and compare price for best price

It can be of help, so you don't have to buy something at a very expensive rate when you could have gotten it at a cheaper rate somewhere else.

5. Start shopping early
This is very important. Things are always very expensive during festive periods.
It is also always busy and rowdy during this period. Most shops might be out of stock due to the whole shopping and if they actually have the item, the price is usually hiked.

Early festive shopping saves money  Early festive shopping saves money

Early festive shopping will help you save more and also prevent you from spending extra when the festive period is so close.
So it is advisable to do an early festive shopping to bypass all these disadvantages.

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