The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu has said that ex-President Goodluck Jonathan was a weak President.Kanu also accused the former President of favouring the North at the detriment of the Southerners.

The IPOB leader also said that Jonathan, wife, Dame Patience would have done a better job as President of Nigeria.
Kanu said  
 “Jonathan is my uncle, yes. I was one of those who said Jonathan’s tenure was more or less an Igbo presidency; it’s on record I said that. But, he knew I never liked his regime because he was weak and incompetent.

“I don’t support evil; if you do good, I will tell you, if you do bad, I will say it the way it is; I don’t curry favours.

“He was weak, I said I wish it was aunty Patience Jonathan who was in-charge, she would have done better.
“Look at where Jonathan dropped us today; he never finished building the East/West Road, but, he built railway line from Abuja to Kaduna, so they will love him. Who told you that if they did not love Zik, that they will love you?”
Meanwhile, the Igbo Nigeria Movement (INM) has advised Nnamdi Kanu to embrace peace.