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Tales of A Naughty Wife; The time i f****d his good friend

The time i f****d his good friend

I met Jide for the first time during a dinner party Michael and I organized for our friends.                                                                                                                                                                                      He had been in the States for a few years now and was unable to attend my wedding. Michael informed me that he only came back for a couple of weeks. He was very excited about meeting him as he mentioned that Jide was one of his oldest friends. He told me they had been friends since Secondary school and had a lot of shared experiences.
     I immediately spotted him when he arrived. Apart from the fact that he was one of the few guests I did not recognise, he was also one of the really handsome ones. He carried himself with such confidence and class that I immediately felt an attraction. He was tall and dark in complexion.

He was fit but not so bulky to be a turn-off. His smile was like a magnet and my stomach fluttered like a schoolgirl when his eyes met mine.
"Darling, come over, this is Jide. I told you about him," Michael said, summoning me to make introductions.
I held out my hand and my heart thumped erratically as soon as Jide held it. "Pleasure to meet you," I said, hoping my voice sounded steady.
"Yes, it really is a pleasure. Michael, you have a beautiful wife." Jide said, turning to my husband. I nearly fell over at the compliment. I had no clue why he was affecting me like this but I knew if I was in his presence any longer, I would soon pass out from arousal.
I excused myself and returned to seeing to the serving of the food. I kept busy throughout the dinner party, making sure all the guests were content. I felt Jide's eyes on me a few times and I permitted myself to nurse the idea that he was interested in me as well. He kept his distance, though, but each time our paths crossed, I felt an undeniable attraction.
A few days after meeting him, I knew I was completely smitten. I thought about him every day and he became a regular guest during my sexual fantasies. I would finger myself to the thoughts of him and came so hard that I was shivering. I had this feeling of longing that refused to go away. Eventually, I gave in and found him on Facebook.
I sent a Friend Request which he accepted almost immediately. Then I got a message from him.
'Hello, Abby. It was great meeting you. How are you doing?'
My heart began to beat in quick paces again as I responded. 'It was nice to meet you too. I am fine. Hope you are enjoying your time in Nigeria.'
'Oh, I am. Things are not perfect but it had been great catching up with friends. How is married life treating you? Hope my friend is good to you.'
'It has been alright.'
'That's good. I quite enjoyed the meal you served during that dinner. You are a fantastic cook. This is one thing I miss being in the States. Real, yummy Nigerian meals.'
'Thank you so much for the compliment. I am sure it is not difficult to get food like that there, though.'
'It isn't. But it's not the same.'
'Well, I am happy to come around and prepare something delicious for you. At least you get to enjoy a little before going back.' I paused before sending that message, thinking he might see through my motives and shut things down. I shrugged and hit 'sent'. I could always say I was joking if he seemed shocked or offended.
'You will? That will be fantastic. I would appreciate that.' I sighed with relief at his response. 'Can you make it sometime this weekend?' He added.
I immediately agreed. Michael was travelling for work that weekend and the idea of spending time with Jide was one I could not refuse.
That Sunday, I went straight to the market then his home from church. He opened the door and his eyes roamed my body.  I chose a purple dress that did not obviously look that revealing. But, on my way over, I had taken off my bra to add to the appeal, knowing my nipples were pressed against the fabric. I could see the evidence of desire in his eyes and I was thrilled. I might be getting what I needed.
I spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen, slaving away at his cooking gas. I made a large pot of soup and put a lot of effort into making sure it was extra tasty. He sat on one of the kitchen stools where he kept me company while sipping on a bottle of beer. He asked more questions about me and he seemed interested in getting to know me.
After cooking, I asked if I could take a shower before we ate as I felt sweaty and tired. He pointed out the bathroom which adjoined his bedroom. He waited in the bedroom while I showered. When I was done, I came outside, wrapped in one of his towels. He stood up from the bed immediately. I thought he was about to leave the room but he came towards me, his steps purposeful.
"You are really beautiful," he said. My lips parted and I wet it with my tongue. His eyes glazed with desire and I leant up. He met me halfway for a passionate kiss. His hands went underneath the towel where he moved gently against my skin. He reached up and tugged at the towel so it fell off, revealing my naked body. His mouth went from my lips and down my neck. He grabbed both my breasts and traced his tongue up and down the center.
"Hmmm.." I moaned. "That feels so good."
He moaned back, his hands coming to rest on my ass. I reached to his front and began to unbutton his shorts. Seeing what I was doing, he lifted his shirt over his head and discarded it.
He led me to the bed where he sat, and his hard cock sprang up excitedly. I placed my legs on either side of him and leant down, swallowing his cock in my pussy as I went. I began to move up and down, arms around his neck and fucking him. He felt fantastic up my cunt. I threw my head back, fucking him with wild abandon.
His hands were around my waist and he occasionally rubbed against my ass. Soon, my orgasm began to build and as soon as I was getting to that point of no return, he slid an index finger into my asshole. I cried out sharply, shuddering as liquid escaped my pussy down his cock.
After I came, he turned me around on the bed so I was on all fours. He stood on the floor while I turned my ass to him on the bed. He held on my hips and thrust, fucking me harder this time. I bent my torso so he could enter deeper and kept meeting his thrusts. He shoved that cock into me, deep and fast.
I moaned in protest when he took out his dick. He reached for his nightstand where he picked a condom and put it on. He returned to me, pushing his now protected cock into me. I pushed back against him, meeting his thrust. His groans got louder while his dick pushed deeper into me, swelling and erupting in my pussy.
All afternoon to late evening, Jide and I had the best time. We ate the food I made and fucked some more. We never brought up Michael. It was simply an evening of getting to know each other.
As I returned home that night, I worried that I had fallen in love with my husband's good friend.

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