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Marital Goals: 6 ways to identify the perfect husband material

Barack Obama appears to be the ultimate husband material

Having written about the features men want to see in a woman before considering her wifeable, we turn the tables and ask what the ideal husband looks like.

Read on to discover six attributes that almost always point to the ideal husband material.

Calm in crises

Someone who can keep calm in the face of a storm - job losses, death, health issues - and strategise instead of losing control; someone who can actually take charge of a situation. This is one type of man you want to spend your life with.

Family men

One indicator of good husband materials is the closeness they have with their family; how well they treat them.
A man who does not respect his mum might have problems respecting other women.
How well they treat babies and children, how good is he with them?
Checking out for this this might give you an insight into how your family life with them will be like.
playNever let go of a kind man (BlackWomenofBrazil)

Kind men

Is there a rarer quality as we age than a person who is genuinelykind? Kindness is not common. Really it’s not.
People [men] are out there to help you only if you give them something in return.
When you find one that is genuinely kind without conditions and hidden agenda, he has that husband trait in him already.

They treat you like a woman, not as a girl

A man who knows you’re a woman and treats you with so much love and care like a piece of fine china, and on the other hand pushes you to do better, to be better.
To grow and be a better version of yourself than you were before you both met.
That, my sisters, is a husband material. [see how I zoned all of you there? Sisters, LOL]
playHusband materials are men that strive to be better and push you to do the same (AtlantaBlackStar)

Men who strive to be better

He wants you to be a woman, not a girl, so he pushes you to be better. As he does that, he pushes himself to be far better than ever, too.
A good husband is one who takes charge of his life and goes after what he wants.
You can look up to this kind of man; he can be your motivator, your source of inspiration.
When you meet this kind of man, please don’t let go easily. He’s made of more than 20 yards of husband material.

Good with money

Make no mistake, money matters in any marriage and as much as you all might not want to hear this,  a guy who knows how to stick to his budget is the kind who will make a great husband.

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