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'Konji Wahala' Man escapes death after being caught having sex with married woman

A young man who thought sleeping with other people's wives is living the life, was just lucky to escape death after he was caught in the act and given the beating of his life.

The incident, according to Daily Post, happened in the Goningora community in Kaduna South Local Government Area of Kaduna State, where the young man was caught having sex with his neighbour's wife.
The angry youths in the community were said to have descended on the culprit and were bent on lynching him but the community elders prevailed on them not to take the laws into their hands and that they should set him free.
A resident of the area who gave his name only as Rana, said the man was notorious for sleeping with other men's wives and the youths had wanted to stone him to death but for the elders.
"The woman’s husband works in the town but comes home only during the weekend. Luck, however, ran out of the accused when the man returned home unexpectedly and caught him red-handed on top of his wife in his matrimonial bed."
"The angry husband grabbed the naked man and raised an alarm which attracted the attention of other neighbours who pounced on him.
The funny thing is that the woman has been married to her husband for 10 years and they have two children.
Only God knows what the poor husband will do to the unfaithful woman."

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