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7 ways to become more attractive to ladies

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What do you need to become that guy that women want to speak with, spend time with, date, and fall in love with?

This list of seven things is the best starter-pack you need to become a lot more attractive to ladies than you already are:

Never appear unkempt

I don’t know if it has ever happened to you, but you know, sometimes, you decide to just put on that over-faded old jeans and that slightly dirty sneaker, and that’s when you run into your crush. Ouch!
Lesson: Never appear unkempt, Never!
playDoing these things will make you an irresistible force to several women. (EW Images)

Be a smooth talker

Whether they like to admit it or not, women have always, they are presently at it, and will forever be a sucker for a smooth guy.
Want to become ultra-attractive, drop those silly clich├ęs and become smooth in your speech.

Be a man of your words

Say what you mean and mean what you say, it’s that simple.
playBe a man of your words (Quotesgram)

Don’t take rejection personally

Never be one of those guys that start to insult ladies after they were curved.
Come on, bruh, just move on. Except you want to be labelled an asshole. [And trust girls to spread the word fast.]

Work on your sense of humour

I don’t know how true it is, but I have heard people say 70% of guys are meant to be funny.
And of course, nobody hates to laugh. Your sense of humour is going to help you get those girls. Maybe not all, but come on, getting 70% of your targets isn’t bad, is it?
playYour fashion sense needs an upgrade (Levi Strauss)

That dress sense

You should not attempt to dress to kill. Leave that to the ladies.
But that dress sense needs some fine-tuning if you intend to get some of these hotties checking you out and actually falling for you.

Be fit

Simply put; work out, get rid of those flabs.
You might never become as trim and ripped as Cristiano Ronaldo, but at least, ensure you engage yourself in a lot of physical exercises; tone those muscles and put some strength into those arms.

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