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Yeezy Yessons: Check Out Kanye West's Top Fashion Tips

ESC: Yeezy, Season 4
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Yeezy Season 4

Check out These Fashion Tips Triezworld Put Together in Kanye West's Recent Fashion Show..I am pretty sure you would love em..Yeezy Season 4 has come and gone, but what will stay with us forever are the lessons we learned along the way.
Kanye West is notorious for being a trailblazer. Not just in fashion but, really, in everything he does, so it's only fitting we take the nuggets of style wisdom he just dropped on us today and translate them into concrete fashion tips.

Knowledge is power, and power is knowing that every outfit you wear from this day on will have Yeezus' stamp of approval.

ESC: Kanye West, Yeezy
They were a focal point of the show; therefore, this yesson should be taken very seriously. All kinds are acceptable (full butt, thong style, ones with cutouts and unitards of all lengths), so stock your closets accordingly.

ESC: Kanye West, Yeezy
This right here is the most important lesson Ye has blessed us with. All bodies are model bodies and should be celebrated as so. It was refreshing to see so much diversity on one catwalk.
ESC: Kanye West, Yeezy
Leave your pants at home, y'all. Do as Sofia Richie on the runway in her Yeezy Season 4 yellow-green shearling coat and forgo bottoms all together. As proven by the majority of his models, you won't be needing them, thanks to your new waist-high boots. (But if you choose to ditch the boots like Amina Blue did, that's OK, too.)
ESC: Kanye West, Yeezy
Again, another inspiring lesson from Yeezus himself: Own your natural hair. If your locks are like Miley Cyrus and they "Can't Be Tamed," don't worry about it. Go au naturale and let it be what it wants to. Could imperfect perfection be the new beach wave? We think so. 
ESC: Kanye West, Yeezy
As mere peasants walked a good 15 minutes (and had to pass through three separate check points) to find their seats at the show, VIPs, like Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, drove past them in golf carts. The true yesson here is always treat your VIPs (your family) with respect and always provide them with alternative transportation when hosting a fashion show in the middle of an island.
ESC: Kanye West, Yeezy
Kanye's runway show was full of sky-high knee-highs. The good news? This fall/winter your legs will never be cold, and you'll look like a rock star. The bad news? Looks like they weigh a ton, but did we mention you'll look like a rock star? Not that we haven't already been seeing footwear like this on the streets, but looks like the trend is here to least until Yeezy Season 5.
ESC: Kanye West, Yeezy
Even if you're sporting the most oversized long-sleeve shirt (and wearing it as a dress), you've still got to cinch things in at the waist. Take the designer's advice and wrap a bandage-like textile around your frame. Actually, while you're at it, you might as well just wrap your whole damn torso, right Kanye?
ESC: Kanye West, Yeezy
If it doesn't have a hood, throw it out. Whether it's a jacket, a long sleeve shirt or an actual sweatshirt, hoodies are an acceptable staple for all occasions by Kanye's standards. And the more oversized it is, the better.
Yeezy, out..

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