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Silvertown, The highly anticipated blockbuster, opens today in Silverbird, Ozone, Viva Cinemas

Silvertown,  the highly anticipated international blockbuster feature film opens today in all Silverbird, Ozone, and Viva Cinemas nationwide. It is truly amazing, hilarious, and highly exciting. Don't be told about this experience. Watch it!
The movie stars Nse Ikpe-Etim, Seun Akindele, Anthony Mojaro, alongside British actors: Lucien Morgan, Amanda Larakay, Atlanta Johnson, etc. Produced by Vanessa Mails and Mathew Nwankwo, directed by Chinedu Omorie

A desperate sojourner is faced with the most difficult situation of her life as she is denied asylum in the United Kingdom and confronted by the stiff stance of betrayal from a beloved friend. All hell breaks loose as she fights (daily) to survive.


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