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Mark Zuckerberg’s Visit : Nigerian Celebrities Slam American Singer Over Ignorance, See What Happened!!

Nigerian celebrities have called out popular American singer, Tyrese Gibson over ignorance.
The singer shared a screenshot of the photo from Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Nigeria. Though, he had some nice things to say, some celebrities disagreed with him.

“Some people think we’re human beings having a spiritual experience it’s the other way around – were spiritual beings having a human experience – Mark Zuckerberg randomly popped up in Africa and he’s there jogging hanging out and connected with our people – he looks so happy and I’m sure they’re doing a lot for his spirit and life – Sometimes you just have to run away to far places and find your balance. I’ve seen a few pics and I just love this so much.Mark I felt the same the people of Africatyrese post are just amazing people and souls”. Tyrese wrote
After the singer shared the piece on his page, some celebrities were not cool with what he said, after he skipped Nigeria in the note. (Didn’t mention Nigeria)
Nollywood actress, Chioma Akpota said “@Tyrese, NIGERIA!!! Aint no issues mentioning the country!”
Funkebucknor Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria
Jibrinreuben yeah, he is right here, just three stop away from me. Lagos Nigeria my city!
Kabir_ti bros Tyrese even you sef follow they call Nigeria ‘Africa’? @zuck is in Nigeria. If no be say u dey follow help fight for the right of our people for Obodo Oyinbo, I for kuku tell u my mind here.
Damieajayi It is very deep. It is Nigeria. When you say Africa, they automatically think it’s a country or they think you are in SA. So…. it’s very very deep.

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