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Beauty Tip: 5 ways to tackle an oily T-zone

It can be frustrating when you have to trash that selfie thanks to the super high-gloss shine on your nose.

Your forehead, nose ( which contains oils glands, which emits sebum) and chin are oilier than other parts of the face and sometimes they produce more oil that usual and can be triggered by hormones, so this requires extra care and attention.
Here are 5 tips to tackling an oily T-zone:
Don’t Overwork Skin
playApplying too many products on your face over works it and you still get breakouts (Bliss Beauty)

Ploughing on products won’t do your skin any favours if it’s slightly out of sync. Instead stick to the basics like cleanser, toner and a moisturising agent. Choose a water-based moisturizer that is oil-free. If you have combination skin, you might want to use a lighter moisturizer on your T-zone and a thicker formula on the rest of your face. Also apply a mask twice weekly.
Don't try to dry your face out

This is a bad idea if you have oily skin because it will only overcompensate and start to produce more oil. Instead you can use essential oil. Once your skin’s recognised that it is not being stripped, oil production should slow down.
Use a face mask
playApplying a face mask can work wonders for an oily T-zone (Kaeng)
A detoxifying mask applied twice weekly to oily areas can work wonders. Look for something containing either charcoal or kaolin clay. Milk of Magnesia can also be used as a mask or primer (advisably a mask).
Blot it out
playBlotting papers get rid of excess oil (Makeup by Lilit)

Once you apply makeup to oily skin, chances are you’re going to see some shine creep up. Instead of trying to cover it up with makeup, which can make your face look cakey, blot it out!. There are tons of blotting papers that can soak up excess oil and get rid of shine.
Use a pressed powder
playPressed powder helps control the oil (Urban Decay)

Always choose pressed over loose powder to set your makeup.Pressed powder is ideal for oily skin since it is on the heavier side and will soak up and control shine much better than a lightweight loose powder. It is best you avoid any cream based makeup like blush or foundation that can slide off of oily

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