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19 year old inspired by Isis appears in court accused of planning mass-casualty bomb attack on Buckingham Palace and Elton John

A 19 year old British student Haroon Ali Syed allegedly inspired by Isis appeared in court on Tuesday accused of planning mass casualty bomb attacks on an Elton John concert, Military bases and Buckingham palace.

Harron was arrested last week Thursday after cops uncovered plots by the young man to bomb Elton John's gig on the anniversary of 9/11, and also attack Buckingham Palace, London’s busy Oxford Street and military bases.
Police believe he originally planned to be a suicide bomber, and wanted to buy machine guns or pistols to carry out a “lone wolf” killing spree and allegedly discussed his plans online before meeting a man with £150 to pay a bomb maker.
It is also alleged Syed also made pleas for donations of up to £8000 to finance the attack, but no one responded to him.  It's also alleged he spent most of last month watching IS beheading videos and propaganda but he claims the money he asked people to help donate to him was for a motorbike, a wedding and home improvements.

Prosecutor Thomas Halpin told Westminster magistrates’ court: “It is alleged Haroon Syed was planning a terrorist attack in the UK.
“This defendant was attempting to carry out a terror attack on the scale of 7/7 or something like that. What started out as professed intent to become a suicide bomber crystallised into a plan to kill as many ‘Kuffar’ (unbelievers) as possible with a nail bomb.”

His solicitor Tony Lodge indicated a bail application would be made but did not argue the case in court, the next hearing will be on September 19.
Source: Sun UK

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